Guestpost: Good Books for Children’s Activities

Orange Down UnderFinding good children’s activities can sometimes be a chore.  Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to put up with a mess, or to clean it up later.  And sometimes you don’t feel like you can deal with a real physical activity because your own energy level may be at a low.  So maybe reading time is what you need.

If you’re looking for good books for kids, whether in the classroom or at home, I’m guessing you’re looking for specific things.  You probably want to find books that are fun, exciting, and spark the imagination of the child reading them.  Books that also teach a good, moral foundation to life (honesty, responsibility, integrity, etc.) are important as well, because children are easily influenced by what they read and watch.  You may also want books that are educational, because kids’ minds need to be stimulated, filled, and challenged in many ways.

There are actually some books that accomplish all of that.  Check out a new series called The Orange Chronicles.  These books are about a flying pig named Orange and his best friend, a boy named Jes, who take amazing adventures together.  The first book, Orange Down Under takes them to Australia, as the title suggests.  There is so much fun, excitement, mystery, and adventure that the kids almost don’t know they are learning while they’re at it.  It’s a wonderful way to learn many facts about marsupials, didgeridoos,  Australian geography, sea creatures, and many other things.

Economically priced, you can collect the whole set as they come out.  Cheap children’s books are sometimes hard to find, but not now.  Subsequent books will take the adventurers to Nicaragua, Alaska, a tour of the United States, and the Kalahari Desert.  All of them are fun and educational.

Children’s activities all should be geared with the same basic goals in mind: occupy time, spark the imagination, teach something, and have fun – not necessarily in that order. So as you search for those activities, keep books in mind. Whether the children read, or you read to them, it’s a great way to accomplish those goals.