Book Review: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (Vol 1)

Good night stories for Rebel Girls vol 1 | Kayoz Talks Books

Good Night Stories by Rebel Girls: 100 tales of extraordinary women by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, 2016. Publisher: Timbuktu Labs, Inc. 224 pages, RRP US$35

I can’t believe I didn’t review this before!

Open page showing Elizabeth the 1st's story and illustration, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls | kayoz talks booksI bought Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls in the kickstarter campaign last year, and gave it to my girls for Christmas. They both LOVE it. I bought it sign unseen (as you do with Kickstarter), and I was so happy with the result. Just blown away really.

It has single page stories of 100 women, from all over the world and all through the ages. Ranging from famous historical figures like Joan of Arc, to women born in the 1990s, there are scientists, skaters, dancers, politicians, activists, musicians, writers and more.

Two page spread of Rita Levi Montalcini's story and illustration | kayoz talks booksMy (then) 10 year old read it all the way through in a few days, but still enjoyed listening to the stories again as I read them, one or two each night, to her younger sister (then 6).

The younger would make her choices based on the illustration, and the elder would ask for particular people based on what they did or something she liked about their story.

Ada Lovelace illustration in Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls | kayoz talks booksThe illustrations were produced by 60 different different female artists from around the world, so there are wildly different styles used, which was great. Some my girls loved, some they hated, some they disagreed on, but it definitely added another layer of interest for them, especially for Elli who is only just learning to read.

I am excited to have just discovered that they are releasing a second volume with another hundred women, plus a podcast! And all in time for the holidays. As I write there are about 28 hours left on the kickstarter campaign, so I have made my pledge (including a second copy of the first volume, to donate to my younger daughter’s class, if the teacher is keen. Otherwise I will give it as a gift at the next birthday party Elli is invited to). but if you miss that you can get it directly from the website, and no doubt it will be available on Amazon, Booktopia, Fishpond etc soon after.

There is also a kindle version available of the first volume. Plus it has been translated into several other languages. Here is the Spanish, and here it is in Catalan.

Book description from Amazon: “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” is a children’s book packed with 100 BEDTIME STORIES about the life of 100 EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN from the past and the present, illustrated by 60 FEMALE ARTISTS from all over the world. Each woman’s story is written in the style of a fairy tale. Each story has a full page, full color portrait that captures the spirit of the portrayed hero. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is also the MOST CROWDFUNDED ORIGINAL BOOK IN HISTORY.”

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  1. Sarah
    May 30, 2018 at 6:29 am

    You might need to correct your review – Joan of Arc is actually not featured in this book at all (or the sequel), disappointingly so, as I think she is the original rebel girl!

    • Kirsten McCulloch
      September 16, 2019 at 5:04 pm

      Oh really? I will have to check again. i agree, she certainly should be there!

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