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Feeding Children Better: Ellyn Satter’s ‘Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family’

Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family, How to eat, how to raise good eaters, how to cook, Ellyn Satter, author of child of mind, feeding with love and good sense

According to one of the best ever parenting books, Ellyn Satter’s Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family, the number one secret to feeding children better is to eat together. Children who have family meals, Satter tells us, do better in all respects: nutritionally, socially, emotionally, academically, and importantly in resistance to overweight, dieting behavior, eating…

The Best Parenting Books for New Parents

Crop of the Cover: Let the Baby Drive - Navigating the Road of New Motherhood

Full disclosure: This list of the best parenting books for new parents is from the perspective of someone who leans towards an attachment parenting style, prefers not to leave her babies to cry, likes to ‘wear’ her babies (but also likes to put them down some), and thinks you should sleep with your baby or…

Elizabeth Pantley’s ‘The No-Cry Sleep Solution’, or ‘When will my baby start sleeping through the night?’

the no-cry sleep solution cover, with a sleeping baby on the front

The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley is one of my all time favourite parenting books, particularly for the first two years (although I also recently referred to its sleep tables when considering changing my nine year old’s bedtime). My first baby was not a good sleeper. Looking back with the experience of two more…