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The princess companion by Melanie Cellier | Kayoz Talks BooksI am currently reading the second book in the The Four Kingdom’s series by Australian Author Melanie Cellier. And loving it!

This is not yet a full review – I’ll save that for when I have read all four, but let me just say, these are not your average princess stories. Full of allusions to traditional fairy tales but turning many archetypes (though not all) on their heads, I am thoroughly enjoying these books.

When the first one came out – The Princess Companion:A Retelling of the Princess and the Pea – I read it and gave it a quick review on Amazon “This is a delightful first novel from this fresh new Australian writer. Well written & edited, with excellent pacing throughout. Strong (and smart) female lead. I will be looking forward to her next release.”

Something made me think of it the other day, and I discovered all three of the other four kingdom books have now been released. What fun to look forward to! They are now all on my kindle, ready to read. 🙂

The other three books in the series are:

There are also a couple of novellas set in this world, but I haven’t looked at them yet. I will get to them when I’ve read the novels 🙂

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