Kirsten McCulloch is an Australian mother of three, a writer, a blogger, a web manager in the Australian Public Service, and sometimes a web writer & editor for the same. She has been blogging since January 2000 at narrating kayoz. She has been published in various Australian magazines such as Artlook and In Good Hands. She is a writer for and the Editor of Sustainable Suburbia. She has a Masters Degree in Writing and Literature. And she reads a lot of books.

Book Review: Out of the Black Land by Kerry Greenwood

Out of the Black Land. Kerry Greenwood.

Out of the Black Land, by Kerry Greenwood, 2010. Publisher: Clan Destine Press; 459 pages RRP AU$27.00. Finally available again on Fishpond, with free shipping Australia-wide. Now also available in a Kindle edition. Out of the Black Land is a bit of a departure for Kerry Greenwood, but an intriguing and enjoyable one. This...
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Warning: Reading Causes Sleep-Loss

Out of the Black Land. Kerry Greenwood.

I stayed up way too late last night reading Kerry Greenwood’s Out of the Black Land (From Clan Destine Press) last night. A review will be forthcoming when I have another chance to sit and read it for a large block of time. But not before, because I don’t want to spoil it by reading...
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Book Review: Frugavore: How to Grow Your Own, Buy Local, Waste Nothing, and Eat Well, By Arabella Forge

Frugavore: Book Cover: How to Grow Your Own, Buy Local, Waste Nothing, and Eat Well. Arabella Forge

Frugavore: How to Grow Your Own, Buy Local, Waste Nothing, and Eat Well, by Arabella Forge, 2010. Publisher: Black Inc.; 338 pages RRP AU$29.99. Currently available on Fishpond at AU$26.86. One of the difficulties of living sustainably in a western country today is that we have lost the skills of our foremothers and forefathers...
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The 2012 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards shortlists have been announced

Evangeline, The Wish Keeper's Helper By Maggie Alderson

The press release says “All Australians are encouraged to reignite their passion for reading with these imaginative and compelling Australian stories during the National Year of Reading.” So I’m posting the lists here in the hope that that will magically translate into time to read them 🙂 At the very least, I will see...
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Making Stories: How Ten Australian Novels were Written

Kate Grenville, Sue Woolfe: Making Stories: How ten Australian novels were written

Making Stories: How Ten Australian Novels Were Written By Kate Grenville and Sue Woolfe; Published by  Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest, 2001 (1993) RRP $26.95 (paperback). Currently available on Fishpond $19.55. ISBN: 1863733167 This book consists of interviews with nine Australian authors along with extracts from their manuscripts at various levels of completion. It...
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What I’m Reading Lately, or What Happened to the Australian Women Writers Challenge?

Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture, By Shannon Hayes

It’s true, I’m not doing very well on my commitment to review Australian women writers this year. It’s May, and so far I’ve done one review towards my commitment, of One Magic Square, published over at Sustainable Suburbia. And by the way, I’m giving a copy of the book away, so if you’d like...
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Book Review: Dougal’s Diary by David Greagg

Dougal's Diary, David Greagg

Dougal’s Diary by David Greagg, 2010. Publisher: Clan Destine Press; 189 pages rrp $19.95. Can you imagine what it would be like to be a kitten? To have a scant few weeks with a mother to teach you the ways of the world, before being adopted by a different family of humans (if you’re...
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How to Write a Book Review For Kids

Spilling Ink, A Young Writer's Handbook, By Ellen Potter, Anne Mazer, Matt Phelan

Lots of people have been finding my book review template article when they are actually searching on information for kids on how to write a book review – or report – for school. So this article is designed to answer those questions, as well as linking to more resources. Firstly a book review is...
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What I Have Been Reading Lately (or Coming Book Reviews)

I am Jack by Susanne Gervey illustrated by Cathy Wilcox

I’ve committed myself to participating in the Australian Women Writers 2012 Reading and Reviewing Challenge, at the Miles level, as a Dabbler. Meaning, I need to read at least six books by written Australian women this year, and review at least three, from any genre. That seems almost too easy now, given I’ve decided...
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Write Better Reviews with a Book Review Template

The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing by Mayra Calvani and Anne K. Edwards

Note: Lots of people are coming to this page wanting to know how to write a book review for kids, so I wrote another article especially for kids (and their parents). (NB There is a downloadable template at the bottom of this page – but if you are new to reviewing, please do read...
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