Month: July 2012

Book Review: When We Were Kittens

David Greagg - When We Were Kittens, Book Cover with a picture of the black and white Dougal on the front

When We Were Kittens by David Greagg, 2012. Publisher: Clan Destine Press; 203 pages rrp $18.00. The amusing sequel to Dougal’s Diary, David Greagg’s When We Were Kittens, was released earlier this year. It begins when Dougal and Shadow are around two years old and invites us to share another year of their lives. This…

Great Books that Every Sports Fan Needs to Read

The Armchair Olympian How Much Do You Know About Sport's Biggest Competition? Trivia, Quizes, Quotes, By Phil Ascough

If you see yourself as somewhat of a sports nut, here (in no particular order) are ten of the best sports books just for you: 1. The Armchair Olympian by Philip Ascough This trivia book will get you clued up on the Olympics in time for its descent on the UK, so you can know…